A private fund with a civic mission
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Proposals can be submitted by email (preferred) or hard copy. The Partnership Fund does not sign non-disclosure agreements, but respects the confidentiality of business plans. Submissions may be full business plans or Executive Summaries that provide adequate information for an initial review. Always include contact information so the Partnership Fund can request any additional information that may be required. The Partnership Fund will screen all proposals to determine whether they are consistent with its mission.

The following criteria are considered in the initial screening of a proposal:

  1. Located in New York City, with special priority for projects targeted to economically distressed communities across the five boroughs. In certain cases, the Partnership Fund will consider a company or project that is not currently located in the city, but is committed to locate prior to funding;
  2. Significant growth potential, including creation of new, permanent jobs and/or other significant benefits to the city and the local economy;
  3. Innovative products or services that position New York at the cutting edge of a growth industry;
  4. Solid business plan and experienced management;
  5. Ability to recover investment within 5 years;
  6. Contribution to health, education and general quality of life in the city;
  7. Clear evidence that the Partnership Fund's investor network will add value, beyond the financial investment, to the development of the enterprise;
  8. With respect to early stage technology or Internet companies, the commitment or potential to attract a qualified venture capital firm as lead investor.

Investments in technology or other for profit companies not located within a low income area will only be made alongside an experienced lead venture capital investor.